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Dance is a visual, physical, creative, and emotional art form from which students derive many benefits including:

  • Confidence, persistence, and resilience

  • Improved emotional and physical health

  • Improved posture and deportment

  • Body awareness and coordination

  • Confidence to be creative and innovative

Many studies have demonstrated the positive impact activity like dance can have on a young person’s academic performance and personal feelings of self-concept and life satisfaction. At Le Rose Dance Academy, we pride ourselves on providing an environment that helps kids to stay busy and boosts their emotional engagement, social connections, and sense of self-worth.


Here at Le Rose Dance Academy the safety of our students, families, and staff is our top priority. That's why we have implemented policies and a contingency plan regarding COVID-19. Additionally, all staff have relevant teaching qualifications, receive mentoring, supervision and participate in regular professional development and training.


Annual Registration Fee

$35 for your first dancer and second dancer

$15 for each subsequent dancer

Non-refundable once only annual payment.

Class Tuition


Monthly tuition will be the same amount August-June based on 4 lessons per month average. Therefore, no make-ups need to be taken for any day we designate that we are closed. Monthly tuition is based on the type of class and the length of the class. See the chart below for more information.

Costume Fee

The costume fee covers the cost of the dancer's costume in the recital. Each class will come with its own costume fee. See the chart below for an estimate of the costume fee for each type of class.

Recital Fee


$65 - $80 for your first dancer

$15 for each additional dancer

In order to give a professional show, we rent a professional venue. Therefore, we always charge a recital fee that goes toward this cost.

Class Length

Monthly Tuition

Approx. Costume Fee



30 min

45 min (single style)

45 min (combo)

30 min private

30 min duet/trio











$75 - $95

$85 - $105

$75 - $95

$95 - $105



Sibling Discount 

The sibling discount is eligible for family members who are registered in a Le Rose Dance Academy class and live in the same household. Discounts cannot be combined. Camps and summer classes do not apply. Solo, duets, and trio classes do not apply. The student with the most dance instruction time will pay normal tuition, and 10% will be taken off the other student's total. Rosette members do not apply.

Service Discount 

All Military, Police, Fire, and College students, as well as Franklin Chamber of Commerce members, are eligible to receive 10% off their monthly total.



Le Rose Dance Academy was established in the Fall of 1995. Amanda Purlee Nixon purchased the studio from her lifelong dance teacher, Verna Purdy Cross. Verna owned her studio, Verna's School of Dance, for 30+ years. She started her studio in an upstairs room of her home on Jefferson Street. At the age of 3 years, Amanda took her first tap class from Verna in that very room. Throughout the years Verna's business grew and she moved her studio to a remolded auto garage on Hamilton Avenue and changed the name to Dance Institute. Verna was the only studio in the Franklin area teaching Tap, Jazz, Ballet, Pointe, Hula, Belly Dancing, and Floor Gymnastics to dancers age 3 - Adult. Verna's choreography won her numerous awards regionally and nationally. 


Verna's studio continued to grow, and she moved her studio to downtown Franklin upstairs in the Historic Wigwam Mineola Tribe building (currently holds a candy shop, candle, and studio apartments). At this location, she obtained over 6,000sq feet and had a full-size gymnastics facility and three dance rooms. By this time Amanda was ready to be a student-teacher alongside Verna. She danced 4 nights a week and all day on Saturdays. Amanda continued to train at master classes around the state of Indiana, as well as compete and attend conventions. At the age of 16, she taught her very own class and has not stopped since then! Verna continued to teach and win several honors and awards. 


When the time came Verna sold the studio to Amanda and taught for her for 10 years. Amanda stayed in this location for 3 years. She changed the name to Le Rose Dance Academy and then moved to a new building on Commerce Drive in 1998. Amanda continues to teach dancers age 2 - Adult and has followed Verna's footsteps in winning several choreography, regional and national awards.


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