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Everybody Dance Now is an all-inclusive dance program designed for individuals of all ages, experiences, and abilities to take a dance class. We use a peer buddy system to give everyone the ability to express themselves through the art of dance. We work on gross motor skills, dance technique, and social skills all while having the opportunity to perform in a recital, dance competitions, and community performances. Our program is in its fourth year under the direction of Mackenzie Wissler, creator, and instructor of EDN.

Mackenzie has a passion for the special needs community as well as dance. The program has been featured in Greenwood Magazine, The Daily Journal, and Channel 6 news. Mackenzie has used the program's platform to educate parents by presenting the benefits of dance at an inclusive opportunities conference, as well as partnering with Special Olympics Shelby County during the COVID-19 crisis to provide virtual exercise opportunities for the athletes who could not participate in their sports this spring. 

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