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Le Rose Dance Academy


Studio Policies

Schedule Changes

  • Students can add/drop classes until November 30th

  • Instructors have final say in class placement

  • Students wanting to withdraw must give a written, 30-days notice, and is responsible for the current month's tuition. Not showing up for class does NOT count as withdrawing


  • Parents are advised to keep child at home for pain, runny nose, fever, infections, diarrhea, or communicable diseases

  • Absences from class DO NOT adjust payments 

  • Excessive absences will result in pulling the dancer from recital

Student/Teacher/Parent Relationship

  • Instructors can be contacted through studio office phone or email

  • Disruptive behavior or opening classroom doors will not be allowed. Please ask office staff to pull your dancer from class.​

Photo Release/Medical Insurance

  • Permission is granted to LRDA for the use of video or digital imaging of students. Those who wish to opt-out will need to sign a form.

  • LRDA does not carry medical insurance for students

Tuition Rates/Fees

Monthly Tuition & Costume Fee

  • Monthly tuition is based on the type of class and the length of class. See the chart below for more information

  • The costume fee covers the cost of the dancer's costume in recital. Each class will come with it's own costume fee. See the chart below for an estimate of the costume fee for each type of class. You have the choice of paying the total costume fee on it's due date, or you can break it down into 3 payments for the months of October, November, and December.​

Class Length / Type

Monthly Total

Approx. Costume Fee

30 min



45 min


$75 - $95

45 min combo


$85 - $105

60 min


$75 - $95

30 min private


$95 - $105

30 min duet/trio


per dancer

$95 - $105

Other Fees

  • Registration Fee: $35 fee; due at time of enrollment for each new season

  • Recital Fee: $60 - $75 for 1st dancer +$10 for each additional dancer; due by 5/13/2021

How to Pay

  • We accept cash, checks, credit cards, and money orders

  • You can call our office to make a payment, or you can log in to your account and make a payment online

Important Due Dates

  • Monthly tuition is due on the 5th of each month. A late fee of $10 will be applied on the 6th of the month to any accounts that have not been paid.$10 will be added with each passing week that the account has not been paid. Late notices will be sent via email. If you would like to set up automatic payments online, please call the studio and let the office staff know. 

  • The recital fee is due on 5/13/2021 and is non-refundable.

  • Costume fee is due by 12/17/2020 and is non-refundable by 12/20/2020. This fee can be broken down into 3 payments. If you choose this option, you will need to make a minimum payment of $25 on the following dates​​

    • 10/22/2020​

    • 11/19/2020

    • 12/17/2020 (remaining balance due)

  • Registration fee is due at the time of enrollment for each new season

Dress Code


Black leotard​, pink tights, hair in a bun, pink ballet slippers, pointe shoes sewn properly if enrolled in pointe​

Tap/Jazz/Lyrical/Baby Let's Dance/Combo

Leotard - any style or color, tights - any style or color, skirts and shorts (optional), hair in a bun or ponytail, slip on jazz shoes*, tie or buckle tap shoes*, lyrical paws*


Leotard or biketard - any style or color, shorts (optional), no tights, bare feet, hair in bun or ponytail

Hip Hop

Street clothes (yoga pants or sweatpants), no jeans, no midriffs, clean-soled tennis shoes, hair up and out of face


Black shorts, jazz pants, or sweatpants, no jeans or school clothes, proper shoes, T-shirt tucked in


  • Make sure to put your name in ALL belongings

  • Only earlobe piercings are allowed for performances

  • Tattoos must be completely covered for all performances

  • Lost & Found is located in the lobby

2020-2021 Calendar


  • 2: Closed for Labor Day

  • 14: Classes begin

  • 18: $10 late fee applied


  • 1-5: Monthly tuition due

  • 6: $10 late fee applied


  • 1-5: Monthly tuition due

  • 6: $10 late fee applied

  • 11-18: Closed for Fall Break

  • 22: First costume payment due


  • 1-5: Monthly tuition due

  • 6: $10 late fee applied

  • 28-31: Closed for Spring Break


  • 1-5: Monthly tuition due

  • 6: $10 late fee applied

  • 19: Second costume payment due

  • 26: Closed for Thanksgiving


  • 1-4: Closed for Spring Break

  • 1-5: Monthly tuition due

  • 6: $10 late fee applied


  • 1-5: Monthly tuition due

  • 6: $10 late fee applied

  • 17: Final costume payment due

  • 24-31: Closed for Winter Break


  • 1-5: Monthly tuition due

  • 6: $10 late fee applied

  • 13: Recital Fee Due

  • 31: Closed for Memorial Day


  • 1: Closed for New Year's Day

  • 1-5: Monthly tuition due

  • 6: $10 late fee applied


  • 1-5: Monthly tuition due

  • 6: $10 late fee applied

Recital and Dress Rehearsal dates will be posted soon!

Makeup Classes

We try to find a qualified sub to cover classes when possible in case a teacher is not available. If we are unable to find a sub, we will schedule a makeup day or adjust your account accordingly.


In the case of inclement weather, there will be information via email, and it will be posted on Le Rose Dance Academy's Facebook page and Instagram page.



Email is our primary form of communication! We will contact you using the email you provide on your registration form. If you are not receiving emails from us and think that you should, please contact our office: (317)738-2188. Most emails will come from lerosedanceoffice.com, and you may contact this email for any questions or concerns pertaining to your account. Please be checking your emails regularly!


We will send out monthly newsletters via email, as well as post them on our social media platforms. Newsletters contain important information for the current month, and are a great way to stay up to date with due dates, events, and studio news!


Like us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram! These are great tools we use for highlighting upcoming events and reminders. We also love to show off our fabulous dancers on social media, so keep looking, and you may see your dancer!

Mobile App

With our brand new mobile app, we can send out push notifications directly to you! We'll send reminders, due dates, and upcoming events.



Do we need to purchase tickets? Yes, pricing and ticket information will be given in May.

How long are the recital performances? Each performance is approximately 1.5 - 2  hours per show


Will my dancer get to sit in the audience once his/her dance is finished? For general safety reasons, we insist that all performers are to remain backstage during the recital performance. We have plenty of backstage help to keep your dancer entertained and safe while the wait to perform their dance and for the finale.


What if my dancer is in more than one dance? After your dancer is finished performing, a female guardian will need to come backstage to help them switch into their next outfit, shoes and hairstyle.


Does my dancer need to wear makeup to dress rehearsal?  Yes! this is great practice for you.

Will there be someone taking pictures of my dancer during the rehearsal and recital? This will be answered closer to recital. You have the opportunity to do so at dress rehearsal.

Will there be a DVD to purchase? Yes! We hire a professional videographer to come in and video all of our performances. Order forms are in your recital packets and also available at the rehearsal and recital.

Does my dancer receive and award? Yes! At the finale of the show, each dancer is awarded a Le Rose Recital medal. Teachers also choose dancers who have stood out in class to receive a trophy. We also have other opportunities available for dancers to be announced during the finale


Costumes will be given during studio time prior to recital. Costumes cannot go home unless it has been paid for. Male costume prices vary. Parents will be informed when instructor has decided. Combo classes will have one base costume, with two skirts.

Award & Scholarship Opportunities

Ten Year Tiaras: LRDA will recognize dancers who have been committed to dancing for 10 years at our annual recital.

LRDA Split Club: We acknowledge those who have accomplished the goal of getting all three splits technically correct.

Alexa Shank Scholarship: Dancers have the opportunity to apply for this scholarship, and will receive $500 toward dance if chosen.

Emma Rose Moore Scholarship: Dancers have the opportunity to apply for this scholarship, and will receive $500 toward dance if chosen.