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Our youngest dancers join as soon as they have learned how to walk!

Many studies have demonstrated the positive impact activity like dance can have on a young person’s academic performance and personal feelings of self-concept and life satisfaction. At Le Rose Dance Academy, we pride ourselves on providing an environment that helps kids to stay busy and boosts their emotional engagement, social connections, and sense of self-worth.


The goal of our Dance & Play program is to introduce age appropriate coursework for the youngest dancer’s physical, emotional, and social skills. The class develops the basic elements of creative movement, floor gymnastics, and ballet technique as well as vocabulary and music. Primary objectives are geared toward inspiration, self expression, creativity, concept of movement, and imagination. This class requires parent participation



Ballet is a classical dance form demanding grace and precision, and its technique can be applied in all other styles of dance. This is a great starting point for all dancers. Classes at this level will include basic arm movement and foot placement, along with creative movement to ballet music.

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Tumbling is a gymnastics discipline in which participants perform a series of acrobatic skills. Classes at this age include forward and backward rolls, bridges, cartwheels, and fundamental acrobatic strengthening and coordination skills.

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Baby Let's Dance (BLD) is a thirty minutes class for our younger group of dancers. Students will explore the beginning stages of ballet and creative movement or tumbling all while using props, games, and fun music. The goal of our Baby Let's Dance classes is to get the dancer comfortable with coming to dance class, following teacher directions, and moving to the music!



There is no need to invest in dancewear before the first class. You’re more than welcome to bring your dancer in anything they feel comfortable in. The only thing we ask is that they do not wear outdoor shoes in the dance rooms. If they have their own dance shoes, that is great, but bare feet are acceptable as well.

Once you’ve settled in, all dancewear items are available for purchase in our lobby.

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