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Fine Arts Club for Ages 2.5-6yrs

Does your child love to dance at home? Perhaps they sing out loud and enjoy making crafts, too. If so, we have the perfect place for them to learn and explore. Our Fine Arts Club is designed for preschool children ages 2.5-6 years old. Children who are creative and learn a variety of skills at a young age, show more confidence when beginning school, and that confidence carries on in life. Give your child the gift of confidence!


Mini Movers: 2.5-4 years

Little Movers: 4-6 years

Components of the Program

The Fine Arts Club is a diverse, all-inclusive program for children ages 2.5-6 years. It's fun and active curriculum allows children to develop social skills and talents at a young age. Children will participate in Dance, Yoga, and Fitness classes while enjoying Music, Art, and Drama lessons. The goal of the program is to enhance each child's overall development by advancing gross and fine motor skills and improving social, cognitive, and emotional awareness. 


Mini Movers (2.5-4 years): Mon. 9:30-11:30am, or 1-3pm

Little Movers (4-6 years): Wed. 9:30-11:30am, or 1-3pm

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