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We follow guidelines set in place by Johnson County.

Please follow these guidelines at all times:

  • Wash and sanitize hands before entering the dance room and after class

  • Dancers are asked to adhere to social distancing in class and in waiting area

  • You and your dancer may be asked to wear a mask a mask at any time during the season
    If your dancer is feeling unwell in any way, please do not have them attend class in person.

Le Rose Dance Academy has a plan in place to continue dance instruction in the case of a quarantine.

  • Classes will switch to Zoom

  • You will need download the Zoom app onto a device in your home

  • We will contact you with an instructional email to easily set up your lessons

  • Times will adjust slightly to allow teachers to log off of a class and into their next class without cutting class time short

  • Dancers will continue to progress with their classes and teacher

  • We will return to the studio as soon as we are allowed

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